In April, 2024, Howag Bulgaria launched an internal campaign to improve efficacy in the production of cables and cable assemblies. Such campaigns are part of Howag’s understanding for continuous development.

Howag’s three production areas are defined based on  the technology and specific machinery they use. The specialized areas are operated by equally specialized teams.

The majority of our team leaders have visited the production sites of the customers they are responsible for. This way every team knows how and where our cable product is used, and they see themselves as representatives of the customer.

And every customer needs quality – without exception. Thanks to the dedicated teams, quite a number of our cable products have been with zero defects for years.

Another big commitment for Howag is delivery on time (performance 99%). Every Supervisor takes pride in hitting the target with their team. If necessary – by extra shifts; on Saturdays; even on Sundays or bank holidays.

Our customers, just like us, operate in competition with other companies. Howag does everything within its power to support their fight for better prices through reasonable material sourcing and especially efficacy in production.

Precisely on this topic our Production Team-Leaders had discussions and contributed the new ideas and proposals. The results were structured in a task-list, which is in hands of the Production Manager. Аll schematic posters are displayed in the production area, so each and every team-member can see them and participate in improving the processes.

The campaign will be continued for sure – not only for the sake of our customers, but also because Howag is dedicated to being the best cable company.