Howag Bulgaria has had significant ongoing growth, even through Covid-years. This requires many professionals in harness-assembly. In order to build a harness, first we need to prepare the wires by cutting, stripping, crimping, tinning and labelling – all of which are crucial for stable quality and cost-effectiveness.

Back in 2015 when Howag was first established in Bulgaria, the above processes were handled by an elder but solid Komax Gamma 311 machine. The team did a good job of upholding performance and quality, but also the Maintenance Crew had to deal more and more with the ”old lady”. It was time to invest in a new generation of this machine.

This sounds easy, but it is not. The producer, Komax, had to develop features and utilities to process wires under very delicate conditions. What was relatively easy for the “old lady” was a challenge for the new one – the new one is a high-speed machine, and for such machines it is not easy to handle ultra-soft wires. Thanks to mutual engagement, we got what we wished.

And what does the team think? Bozhidar, who graduated in the UK, is very happy with the new machine. Day by day he searched for more effective or simpler features and programs. The same is valid for Anton. Anton has worked in Germany for several years. Anton and Tsvetelina, a very brave young lady who is not at all impressed with such machines, find the “old lady” still valuable. The old machine will still provide years of additional service in peak-times.

All in all, in our industry, every machine is as good as its operator. It is much like race-car driving: the best driver can find a way to get the best possible performance from his machine.

Our Operator Team work hard every day and strive to be the best in wire processing.