In the town of Dintikon, where Howag Group’s Headquarters is located, there was a special event this September.

Several companies work under one roof every day, in very different markets, for the benefit of their customers. What they all have in common is long-standing history, unconventional methods, and proven success.

Howag Kabel AG has been developing and producing cable solutions since 1936, and, as an SME, is very international. With subsidiaries in Bulgaria and China, Swiss quality is delivered all over the world.

NOSAG AG has been creating products and solutions for generation-appropriate bathrooms since 1977. The distinctive feature of Nosag is their very generous focus on employees and their well-being.


Mimosa -Cheminéebau und Gewürze AG is the Swiss specialist when it comes to fire and grilling. From the simple fire bowl to the professional pizza oven, the experienced team has been offering functional and always impressive solutions for over 40 years.

The quick calculator adds up to almost 200 years for 4 companies – a strong sign of consistency and success.

The companies set up a day to get to know each other. All employees were able to visit the other companies, and to enjoy a barbeque at the end of the event. The employees also contributed meals to share at the table. Interactions carried on until late in the evening.

Since the event was well-received, there are already intentions to make it a regular happening, extending to the whole Dintikon industrial area.

Roger Gojo, Managing director of Howag Kabel AG, summarized: “Now, after the event, people between the companies know each other much better and this will help us in the future whenever there is a need for collaboration.”