In October Howag Bulgaria attended the second part of the Leadership training program, spread over two days.

Earlier this year, in June, Howag Bulgaria attended the first part of the training course.

For both modules, the participants were employees in key positions, as well as the management team.

Part two of the training focused on topics such as:

–what makes a team effective?
–which are the five potential weaknesses of teamwork?
–who are we as individual personalities, what are our strengths and weaknesses?
–what does each of us contribute to the team?

The training was intensive, very hands-on, and a lot of fun. The participants had various active tasks which provoked critical thinking, inward reflection, and teamwork.

The training was led by Zlatina Mihaylova, Ph.D., PCC – a professional coach with over 20 years of experience, and rich credentials.

PCC: Professional Certified Coaches complete at least 125 hours of training, and must have at least 500 hours of coaching experience.